My Dogs

Thank you for stopping by to visit my dogs! I am blessed to have worked with thousands of special dogs throughout my life, but there are a few that are even more special to me, as they share my home and my heart every day! A few of these below might not live with me full time, but they were born in my house and I’m thankful to their amazing co-owners for sharing them with me throughout their lives.

Please click on the dog’s name to be taken to their page in the Pharaoh Hound Breeder’s Archive – which will list their pedigree and all of their health testing.

“Legacy” – GCH DC Du Ciel’s Legendary Light SC TKN

Legacy is my keeper puppy from the 2022 Light Litter! She showed great promise in the conformation ring by earning her first 2 single points beating a special as a 6 month old puppy, and winning a Hound Group 3 her second weekend out (for a 3 point major!) – then finishing her championship just a few weeks later with two 5-point majors at a Pharaoh Hound Specialty all from the bred-by class! She has since gone to earn her Grand Championship as well as a Group 1, three Group 2s and another Group 3. But she’s not just a pretty face, she’s smart and fast too – at just 16 months old, she finished her Field Championship in lure coursing (making her a Dual Champion) and she is currently training for agility, rally, and obedience competitions!

“Jayla” – Multi-BIF DC Lileo Anubis Enchanting Valentine du Ciel MC SCN SIN SBN TKN CGC

Jayla was a bright light in the depressing year of 2020 – and although raising a puppy during the time of worldwide lockdowns was definitely a challenge, she has made great strides toward becoming a happy, outgoing show and performance dog! Jayla is a Dual Champion (which means she earned her championship in conformation and lure coursing). She has excelled in lure coursing – earning her Field Championship at just 19 months old with 2 Best in Field awards! She was an excellent mother to the 6 puppies in the 2022 Light Litter and is now excelling at scent work and working on some agility titles.

“Reason” – Multi-BIF GCHG DC Galadrial’s Its In The Stars du Ciel LCX CD PCD BN RM FDC MC CA DJ CGC TKP JHD HTAD-IIge HTAD-1s HRD-1s NAC WV-I PHCA Versatility Excellent

Reason was the pink collar girl from my “Star” litter. She holds a VERY special place in my heart as my first bred-by champion. She came into the world as an “old soul” and has an absolutely incredible temperament – always willing to try anything I ask and enjoying every second of it! She’s never met a person she didn’t like and is great with other dogs as well. She’s excelled in the show ring with multiple group placements and 7 group wins – her most recent as an 8 year old veteran! She finished her championship at just 10 months old from the bred-by class and went on to earn her grand championship just 2 months later…she is also the youngest Pharaoh Hound to earn her gold grand championship! Reason is not just a pretty face though – she has her field championship and lure coursing excellent title as well as multiple best in field awards. She also has several obedience and rally titles and was the first Pharaoh Hound to earn a dock diving title…and she has multiple herding titles on sheep and geese! She is now retired from the show ring (other than an occasional appearance in veterans and as a junior showmanship dog) and focusing on earning some agility and advanced obedience titles.

“Prima” – Du Ciel’s First Golden Light SC CGC TKN

Prima is the other show prospect from my Light Litter. She lives with her co-owner in Southern California and is working on her championship and lure coursing titles. She was the “life of the party” puppy in the litter and remains that way now! She came to spend about 6 weeks with me in January 2024 where she worked on her conformation showing skills and even earned her Junior Courser title! She’s a beautiful mover and I look forward to her successes in the show ring and on the field! She currently is AKC pointed and is halfway to her Field Championship!

“Rory” – BISS GCHB DC Galadrial’s Aurora Red du Ciel BN RA MC CA RATN CGC TKA JHC CS PHCA Versatility Excellent PHCA Register of Merit Dam

Rory was my first Pharaoh Hound and is the reason that I fell so in love with the breed! She had a successful show career including a Best in Specialty Show win and several group wins and placements. She earned obedience and rally titles, but loved running so much that she did not excel at off-leash obedience. She loved lure coursing and earned her field championship despite often cheating to “get the bunny” – and she still loved coursing even as a veteran! Rory also titled in barn hunt and was the first Pharaoh Hound to earn a herding title from the American Herding Breeds Association and she was also excellent at carting – even going High in Trial over all of the Rottweilers in the trial!

Rory is the mother to Reason (and the other three “Star” puppies listed below) – she was bred to the handsome Wave and produced 4 champion puppies that I am extremely proud of!

I lost Rory at 11 years old – way too soon! She was a happy, healthy, active girl (lure coursing just the month before even!) until she received her required Rabies vaccination. She developed a neurological problem (a rare, but possible reaction to the rabies vaccination) that resulted in her losing the ability to walk and putting her in great pain. She was a fighter though and a good sport that final month as I tried desperately to save her. My heart is still broken (as is Reason’s!) and I would give anything to go back and skip that vaccination. I’m not saying vaccinations are bad…they save millions of dogs each year…but please do your research and make sure the vaccination is truly necessary and in the best interest of your particular dog.

“Luke” – DC Galadrial’s Luke Starwalker du Ciel MC CA

Luke was the green collar boy from my “Star” litter. He’s a very handsome boy and has his championship and a few points toward his grand championship. While he enjoyed the show ring with me, he (and his owners!) prefer lure coursing! He is a field champion and is getting very close to his lure coursing excellent title! He is the sire to the six puppies in my 2022 Light Litter.

“Orion” – CH Galadrial’s Shoot For The Stars du Ciel JC

Orion was the blue collar boy from my “Star” litter. He lives the furthest away from me, so he didn’t spend much time in the show ring, but his owners were kind enough to send him to me for a few months when he was younger and he easily finished his AKC championship as well as his junior coursing title. He currently enjoys his time going between New Jersey and Florida with his wonderful owners!

“Rumor” – DC Galadrial’s Merit O My Stars du Ciel MC CA

Rumor was the aqua collar girl from my “Star” litter. She has her AKC championship and her field championship in lure coursing as well as her master courser title. Rumor is probably the luckiest puppy out of the litter as she spent the first 5 years of her life in a home with 2 Whippets and an owner that loved her very much (and she got to come and visit me a LOT, as she was only an hour away). However, life happens and her owner decided at 5 years old, Rumor was just too much for her and her other dogs. Rumor came back to me for a few weeks and then moved in with her second family – a couple that had another older Pharaoh Hound and a lovely young child. Rumor LOVES her new family and enjoys spending her days cuddled up on the bed with “her” little girl or going for walks and to the dog park, and she’s beginning to enjoy being an Auntie to Daphne, a pup from the 2022 Light Litter.