Board & Train

Board & Train is an option that is available in selected cases only….honestly, I usually advise AGAINST this training option. Please call to discuss your specific situation if you feel this is the route you would like to take.  For this type of training, your dog would come and live in my home during training — once the training is complete, you will be given a detailed diary of what your dog has learned and be taught how to continue training him/her.  This type of training will ONLY work if you continue the training on your own exactly as you are instructed to do.  Dogs are intelligent creatures that tend to learn very quickly what they can get away with…if you send your dog away for training, but do not change what you are doing at home, the dog will almost always fall back into bad habits when it returns.  

I do not have a kennel facility. Boarding dogs are kept in my home (and must be crate trained) and given plenty of play time in one of my separated yards between training sessions. Swimming lessons and pool time may also be available, weather permitting. Because of the setup at my house and my travel schedule, boarding & training space is extremely limited.

Starting price for boarding & training is $75/day

One private lesson is included after 2 weeks of boarding & training