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About us...
My name is Shawna Swanson, and I established Maverick
Dog Training, LLC in 1997.  For 2 years prior to that, I
apprenticed with Lori Milroy of All American Academy of
Dog Training and was a District Training Manager for
Animal Behavior & Training Associates (the company that
trained through Petco stores).  I began Maverick Dog
Training in hopes of helping owners understand their dogs,
enjoy their time with them, teach them basic commands,
and solve behavior problems.

I got my first Rottweiler, Maverick, in 1994 and began
training with him immediately (a MUST with the breed and
strongly recommended with ALL dogs!) -- he was a fast
learner and a joy to work with!  I competed with him at a
couple AKC obedience trials and got one leg of his CD
(Companion Dog) before deciding that competition wasn't
for me (at that time!).  I dabbled in agility, protection, and
tracking with him, but mainly focused on creating a pet that
was comfortable in all situations and well behaved around all
types of people and animals.   I fostered many rescue
Rottweilers over the next ten years, doing some basic
training with all of them, and also opened up my home to a
stray Chow Chow, Destiny.  In 2001, I was offered an
incredible opportunity to live overseas in Eritrea (Eastern
Africa) for six months to do administrative work for a
"seawater farm" and to integrate dogs into their security
program on the farm...I had a friend stay with Destiny and
took Maverick with me.  It was an incredible experience for
both Maverick and me, and when I came home I had a puppy
that I'd helped raise over there shipped to me.  Panza lived
a very happy 13 years with me and my family in the United

Unfortunately, I lost Maverick to cancer in Octoer 2002 -
a devastating loss for me, but a loss that opened up a new
chapter in my life.  After an intense search for a new pup
to try and live up to Maverick's legend in my life, I finally
found my new canine soul mate --
Legend came home in April
2003 and found his way right into my heart.  He also led
me to my new passion -- dog shows!  I trained and have
competed with Legend in AKC and UKC conformation,
Seiger conformation, AKC obedience, agility, and Rally
obedience, some Schutzhund (tracking and obedience),
carting, herding, and tracking.  He is also a retired
registered therapy dog and an air-scent Search and Rescue
dog.  I was lucky enough to have Legend in my life for almost
12 years before losing him to lymphoma in January 2015.

In June 2008, I brought a new pup into my house...her name
Rory and she is a female Pharaoh Hound.  I competed with
Rory in AKC conformation, obedience,  Rally, carting, Barn
Hunt, Lure Coursing and herding!  She is now mostly retired
from the conformation ring, but still lure coursing whenever
our schedule allows!

Rory had some amazing successes in the conformation ring
during 2009, which lead me to begin handling other peoples'
dogs professionally.  I LOVE that part of my job, and
spend at least a
weekend or two each month at dog shows
competing in the conformation ring with client dogs.

I bred Rory to a lovely Group Winning, Dual Champion,
Pharaoh Hound in 2013 and was very pleased to bring four
wonderful puppies into the world on January 9, 2014 --
three of those puppies are enjoying their lives with their
new families...and enjoying success in the show rings as
well (all four are conformation champions already!) -- one in
New Jersey, one in Southern California, one in Wickenburg,
AZ and one of the little girls stayed with me --- Reason is
following in her mother's paw-steps by trying out new
sports, not typical of Pharaoh Hounds!!  She earned her
Canine Good Citizen title and was the first Pharaoh Hound
to earn a Dock Diving Title -- she earned her Dock Junior
title as a pup -- and finished her AKC Championship at 10
months old as well as her AKC Grand Championship just 2
months later.  In
between earning her Gold Grand
Championship and Multiple
Group Wins and Placements, she has
completed her Beginner Novice obedience title, her Rally
Excellent title, her Field Championship in lure coursing (making
her a Dual Champion),
her Senior Courser title, and she is the
very first Pharaoh Hound to earn a started sheep title
started geese title
(HTAD-Isge) as well as a started Ranch
Dog Title (HRD-1s)
from the American Herding Breeds
Association!  She is currently working on her intermediate
sheep title as
well as agility and more obedience titles.

Although I compete in obedience with my own dogs, and I am
more than happy to teach others what I have leaned when
it comes to competition, my main focus for the obedience
portion of Maverick Dog Training, LLC is basic pet obedience
and conformation training  -- getting dogs ready for the show
ring, and just helping people live in harmony with  their dogs
as they get the most out of that relationship.
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