Shawna Swanson
Private and group
obedience lessons for all
breeds and all ages of dogs!
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Maverick Dog Training, LLC
"I contacted Shawna when my husband and I were
absolutely at our wits’ end with the constant leash-pulling
during dog walks. During a single private consultation at
our home, Shawna showed us how to calmly and
effectively take charge and eliminate our dogs’ unwanted
behavior. Shawna is patient, very clear in her techniques,
solution-oriented and can accomplish a great deal in very
little time. Walks have since become much more
enjoyable for us and for our two dogs, and we were so
pleased with Shawna’s work that we enrolled both dogs in
her group obedience classes. Dog training is definitely a
team effort, and I’ve become a much better, more
consistent dog owner. Now I have two dogs who can
respond to hand signals and verbal commands and are
secure with their place within “the pack”…even though
that means they’re outranked by a toddler."  
Beth Macias
Litchfield Park, AZ
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