Welcome to Du Ciel Rottweilers and Pharaoh Hounds
#1 Pharaoh Hound Bitch (AKC All Breed for 2010)
Best in Specialty Show, Multi-Group Winning/Multi-Group Placing
GCHB DC Galadrial's Aurora Red du Ciel MC RA BN TKI JHD RATN CA CS CGC

DC Farao Anubis Apollo of Lileo, MC, RN, FCh x CH Galadrial's Southern Comfort

DOB:  April 7, 2008
AKC #:  HP29885702

Hips: PH-399G27F-VPI - Good
Elbows: PH-EL65F27-VPI - Normal
Thyroid: PH-TH45-26F-VPI - Normal
Patella: PH-PA103/27F/P-VPI - Normal
Cardiac:  PH - CA 5 / 13F / S - VPI - Normal
CERF:  PH - 229 / 2012 - Normal
DNA:  PH - DNA - 18/B
Here she is resting
after a morning swim...
It's so hot in Arizona
that even a Pharaoh
Hound likes to spend
some time in the pool!
Legend thinks he needs TWO bully
sticks...Rory thinks otherwise!
Rory has her first lesson in carting - she's
doing GREAT for her first experience!!
Our July 2008 trip to
Lompoc, CA...
Rory's first time at the beach
Family time...
Destiny (12 yrs) and Rory (14 weeks)
Panza (7 yrs) and Rory (14 weeks)
Legend (5 yrs) and Rory (14 weeks)
On a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's...
Yep - she's really asleep!
Rory's first time herding sheep - she's showing great
potential so far...she should be able to compete in an AHBA
trial someday for herding titles!
Photos from Rory's first
weekend home in
On the way home from the San Diego airport
Baby pictures...
Photos taken
September 12,
2008 -- Rory is
5 months old
Rory wins her Sweepstakes class at the Pharaoh Hound Club of
America Nationals competition on October 11, 2008 under Ms.
Marie Henke.  She also won her class another day that weekend
and earned two legs toward her Rally Novice Title!
Rory competed in
a carting trial put
on by the Grand
Canyon State
Rottweiler Club and
not only earned her
Carting Started Title,
she did it with a perfect
score and high in trial
over all of the
Rory completes her Rally Novice (RN) title at the Tucson Kennel
Club trial on November 14, 2008 under
Mr. Richard J. Lewis.  She earned the title in just three shows
with impressive scores of 92, 95, and 95 and at only 7 months old!
Rory earned her JHD (Junior Herding Dog) title in March 2012 -she is
the first Pharaoh Hound to earn a herding title from the AHBA!   
To see videos of her herding,
click here.
Photo taken August 9, 2008 - Rory is
almost 18 weeks old.
We went to a dog show in Las
Vegas, NV in April -- Rory came
home with two reserves to
majors...but the most fun of the
weekend was playing in the dog
park with three other Pharaohs!  
lead and in the photo on the right,
she's second from the top.
At a "JRT Fun Day" in May, Rory tried
"course-a-lure" and learned that for a
dog that actually knows how to lure
course, it is a POOR substitute - so
variation on the "go to ground" activity
for terriers where they search
underground for a mouse in a cage --
Rory did it in a haystack and thought it
was a TON of fun!!!
Here is Rory getting her first point at the Lost Dutchman
Kennel Club show on February 5, 2009 under Ms.
Chantal M. Andrew.  Rory went on to compete in the
best puppy competition and won a Puppy Group 2 under
Ms. Diane L. Malenfant!
On February 6, 2009, Rory got her second point at the same show -
this time under Mr. Russell L. McFadden.  She earned another
under Mrs. Jeraldeen R. Crandall.

Rory takes a GROUP 1 at the Prescott Arizona Kennel Club Show on
September 13, 2009 during her first weekend out as a Special!  

A HUGE thank you to Judge Colonel Joe B. Purkhiser!!
Here is Rory in the Hound Group at the Kachina Kennel
Club show in April 2009 - she was the only Pharaoh Hound
entered, but we still had fun and she took a Sighthound
Group 3 in the AKC Sanctioned Realignment Match.
On May 23, 2009, Rory took Best of Winners for her fourth point at
the Mission Circuit show in Pomona, CA under Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr.
Sex for her sixth point - this win was given to her by Mrs. Susan St.
John Brown.  She also took Best of Winners on May 24, 2009 under
Mr. Terry Stacy, but I had to be at the Rottweiler ring, so my friend
Robin Castillo showed Rory to that win and I didn't get a chance to do
a photo...but thanks to Robin for doing a great job with her!
Here are some photos of Rory
completing her JC title on June 21,
Ridgeback Club trial in Chino, CA.
Rory completing her RALLY ADVANCED (RA)
title on June 6, 2009at the Flagstaff Kennel
Club show under Mr. Randy Capsel --
she earned a score of 98/100 and took
FIRST place in her class.
Thank you to Mr Donald C. Delmore for Rory's Best in Sweepstakes win and
thank you to Mrs. Julie M. Holm for the 4-point major at the Western
(Lompoc, CA).
Rory won her class the following two days at
the Lompoc Valley Kennel Club show and
took Reserve to the major on Saturday.
Lompoc, CA was her first real lure coursing trial - she took 2nd place in
the Open Stake for 2 points toward her Field Championship, and earned
her first leg toward her Senior Courser (SC) title! (July 23, 2009)
learned how to LEAP off of the side of the pool!
Pharaoh Hound Club of America Nationals on
September 4, 2009 in Eugene, OR by taking
Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners for a 5-point
major under Judge Garry K. Newton!!

She also won her stake in lure coursing on
September 7, 2009 for a 5-point major toward her
Field Championship and her second qualifying
leg toward her Senior Courser (SC) Title!
Rory WINS the Hound group BACK TO BACK in Tucson, AZ on March 26th and 27th, 2010!  
Thank you to Judges Mr. Robert L. Boothe and Izumi Awashima!!!  
Rory wins ANOTHER GROUP 1 at the Rio Pecos Kennel
Club show in Roswell, NM on September 12, 2010 under
Judge Mrs. Judy Webb!
Rory wins BISS at the
Pharaoh Hound Club of
America's Western Regional
Specialty (April 15, 2011)
and finishes her Grand
Championship the next day
with a Best of Opposite Sex
win at the Hound Classic --
followed by another grand
major for Select Bitch the
day after that!
Rory wins a Group 4 at the Durango
Kennel Club show in Cortez, CO on
May 21, 2011 under Judge Mr.
Houston Clark!
show in Roswell, NM on September 10, 2011 under
Judge Ms Beverly Capstick!