Shawna Swanson
Private and group
obedience lessons for all
breeds and all ages of dogs!
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Maverick Dog Training, LLC
Boarding in my home...

I  don't do much boarding at this time due to my
travel schedule for dog shows - please call for my
limited availability!  Dogs that come to stay with
me are treated like family!  They will sleep in the
comfort of my house in their personal crate at night
and spend their days rotated between free time in
the house, one of the yards, and/or the outdoor
run.  After a very careful introduction period, dogs
may be put with other dogs (my own or other
boarding dogs) to play.  Dogs are fed twice daily
and exercised as well as given plenty of affection!  
Because of the style of boarding I offer, only
certain dogs are accepted - please call for more
information!!  If I'm in town, I may also be
available for petsitting in your home (rates vary by
Located in a quiet
Glendale neighborhood,
my yard is surrounded by
a 6-foot block fence with
only one locked gate as
access to the yard - so
your dogs will be safe and
secure during their stay
with me!
I have two
yards to keep
playtimes safe!
There is enough
room for obedience
training, a little
agility training, and
I also have a mirror
installed on my
side wall for
I have one dog
run off the side
of my house for
my own dogs' use
overnight and to
keep them
separate from
visiting dogs if
During the
summer months,   
visiting dogs are
given supervised
pool time (and swim
lessons if
Check out our
updates on classes
and other dog

0-20lbs                $25.00/night

21-60lbs               $30.00/night

60lbs and over         $35.00/night

Please bring your dogs' own food labeled with brand
and feeding instructions.  You may also bring a
blanket/bed for your dog if you like - otherwise, one
will be provided for your dog.  If your dog has any
medications or supplements, please bring those  
carefully labeled with directions as well as the name
of medication/supplement and what it is for.  If your
dog has any favorite toys/treats, you are welcome to
bring those as well, but they will have access to a
large selection of toys here too! Deposit may be
required to reserve space - please make your
reservations early.  Dogs must be crate trained and
any personality "quirks" must be disclosed at the
time of reservation (i.e. not good with other dogs,
housebreaking issues, etc.).  Boarding is available on
a limited basis, so please call early to see if the
dates you require are available.  For more
information or reservations, please call Shawna at